The night we arrived in Dresden

The 2019 Intagramable world would have us all believe that everything is perfect.  Envy us, we are in Germany!  Envy us, we are in France!  Envy us, our lives are exciting!  Fact is, it’s not all roses and sunshine. Sometimes it’s late, cold and stressful. Difficult moments are less photogenic, and even if they were, it’s difficult to take a picture using only your middle fingers.

Our trip into Dresden started fairly normal, boarding the 2:30pm train without incident.  Things started to turn south at our first stop, where the conductor alerted us to the fact that the train was now running 7 minutes late.  Not a huge deal, 7 minutes, though certainly ponderous as we left on time and didn’t hit any apparent bumps. Only 7 minutes late meant we could still find our AirBnB during “normal” hours, still hit the late Christmas markets before they close.  It didn’t take long before 7 minutes turned into 14… 20… 40… 50.    A 5 hour train ride turned into 6 and it was all down hill.

I feel like every time Brianna and I wait to eat food, expecting something better than what can be order on.. say, a train, we always regret it.  So the train is late, Brianna and I are hungry, and almost everything is closed.  We did get on the correct Tram from the train station to the area of our AirBnB, but the address we set the GPS to was incorrect.

One thing I have to stop and point out is how gangster Bob & Rachel’s kids are.  We were wandering the 30 degree streets of Dresden and not one of them complained about being cold.  The kids were all business and treated the failing AirBnB search as just a normal night in foreign travel. 

Sometimes those who wander are lost.  After an Amazing Race like sequence of events, where we had to find an outdoor lockbox with keys and then figure out what door those keys went to and how open the doors, we did make it into our room.  You might think we are joking, but we had to wave a key fob in just the right area of the wall on the elevator before the secret door to our apartment would finally be revealed.

With problem #1 solved and the kids heading to bed, Brianna and I still needed to figure out the dinner situation.  We couldn’t agree on what to do nor would Dresden make it easy for us to know what was possible.  Brianna wanted to find a sit down restaurant to relax in but the doors were all locked and there were not business hour signs we could read.  I was leaning more towards a quick eating outside win but the booths were supposed to be closed and the ones still seemingly serving didn’t have anything we recognized.  Our hangriness came to a head, her stubborn bullhead of a Grace vs. my hard hard of an Aries Ram.

We ended up finding a nice Italian restaurant to sit down in…  and everything smoothed over after the food went into our mouths.  Tomorrow is a Dresden reset day.